“I came into Emerge a broken man. I had no hope in life. Being here has given me hope. The staff is awesome and very respectful. The groups are full of knowledge and most importantly, I feel safe here.”

Archie D.

“I arrived at Emerge, a little concerned that they would not meet my recovery needs, and was planning to only stay a month. Almost immediately that changed and I felt I was in a safe environment with the staff and other residents. I was impressed with the addiction knowledge of the staff, which impacted my recovery in a very positive way. I have now been here 3 months, and my wife continues to comment on how much I’ve changed. I feel that I have made a complete transformation in my life, and feel emotionally and spiritually enlightened. I would recommend Emerge to anyone seeking recovery from addiction. Finally, the staff here have been great, especially during this time of Covid 19.”

Tirath B. 

“I can’t say enough good things about Emerge. They saved my life, more than once. The staff really, honestly care. You never feel judged there and you feel human. They treat you with respect and they invest in you. I’ve learned so much there, I felt like I learned something every time I went to bed.  The facility is really nice and also really clean. There is a brand new gym with really nice equipment you can use 17 hours a day. There are so many helpful programs like acupuncture, yoga, massage, AA/NA, SMART. It’s a very safe place. You get your own room with your own washroom which is amazing too. The food is also better than most other places. After 90 days you look and feel like a completely new person. I would recommend Emerge to anyone struggling with substance abuse issues. Truly an amazing place to heal.”      

Richard C.

“Director of ARP Program City Center Lodge,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the amazing staff at CCL ARP program. I came into this program for the second time on Aug 28th 2017 and I have to say it was the best descion I have made in years. When I first came here roughly 15 yrs ago I gathered some great tools that allowed me a few years of sobriety. This time though I feel I have with the direct help from John and the rest of the staff achieved a whole new level of understanding and healing that I have never achieved before. I am a true believer that you get out of a program what you put into it, I really belive this but this time John allowed me to feel safe, trusted and vulnerable enough to really dig deep and get to the CORE of my addiction and really figure out what I need to have a life of healing and understanding. In just 4 months I have been able to start rebuilding my realationship with my family, especially with my daughter that I had been destroying for 25yrs. For that alone I will never be able to repay John or CCl back for giving me this amazing gift. I understand and know that I still have a lot of work ahead of me to continue this journey but with the help of John, my case worker Ray, Jacob and Ocean I am forever in debt to CCL. They have given me tools that will help assist me in this continuing healing process that is ahead of me. Once again my sincerest gratitude for this amazing program and this house of CCL ARP.

Happy holidays and all the best in the New Year”

Terry G.

I have nothing but good things to say about the program that is currently offered by Emerge. I have been in and out of recovery for the past fifteen years. In all of the recovery houses and treatment centers that I have attended, I have never experienced growth, breakthrough and stability like I have here. The staff are professional and caring. The facilities are excellent, providing privacy, programming, respect and support that so often comes second to limitations in space, budget or rigid ideology in other places that I’ve experienced.  Emerge’s client centered approach, CBT and ACT based classes and counselling, surrounding community resources and the sense of support and comradery that the satff and other clients have graced me with have allowed me to do the necessary work on myself with invaluable insight and a level of dignity that I didn’t know was possible. I will be forever grateful to this place, the people who run it and some of the friends that I have made and hope to maintain in the comimg years. 

Dan M.

remembered the care and concern shown to me by Emerge staff during my first stay there. After a serious relapse I was welcomed back. Staff knew there were unresolved issues of abuse I had to deal with, and my caseworker Ocean listened and allowed me to open up in a way I had never thought possible. Manager John H. and my caseworker Ocean also suggested ongoing community support for my issues and they connected me to those resources. They also extended my stay due to the nature of the work I was doing. 

I have worked through the emotions of a difficult 30 year marriage, past abuse and being estranged from my daughters and feel like I now have the peace and confidence to maintain a sober lifestyle. CBT is easy for me to engage in and is effective. The abstinence nature of the program with random drug testing means people are safe at Emerge. Private room, good food and not a huge program (22 men) plus all the optional programming like SMART recovery, NA, mindfulness, acupuncture, talking circle, massage therapy and more, means that this is a program that supports its clients in a holistic way and means that you can actually connect with staff and other residents in a meaningful way. I have so much gratitude for Emerge programming and the professional, friendly and humerous staff.