Our Team

EMERGE Addiction Recovery Program is one of three programs operated by City Centre Care Society (CCCS).The EMERGE addiction recovery program (formerly Central City Lodge) has been in existence since the early 1970’s. The other programs offered by CCCS are an assisted living residence and a long term complex care facility for persons requiring 24 hour per day nursing care with mental health and addictions issues.

At EMERGE, our supportive recovery team has an excellent mix of individuals with a broad and in-depth spectrum of related experience, expertise and training in mental health, addiction and recovery. Our staff have many years of mental health and addiction recovery experience. Their training is varied and overlapping, with degrees in counselling, psychology, social work, and in varying modalities of therapy and engagement techniques. EMERGE is always looking to improve, and is so proud to support its team with ongoing educational and training opportunities.

Our team offers a respectful, open, honest, communicative and safe environment. This allows residents to explore the self and examine alternatives for a better life away from substances. Residents at EMERGE benefit from participating in groups with all staff members, as well as meeting one on one with a caseworker, to work collectively on the individual’s care plan.