Our Program

EMERGE Addiction Recovery Program has 22 beds and offers 30, 90, and 180 day stay options. This is an abstinence based program for individuals identifying as male, 19 years of age and older, and who are wanting support for recovery from substance use. Adhering to an evidence based best practice program, we use a trauma informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) focused approach to our programming, which focuses on thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We are licensed by Vancouver Coastal Health.

We use a holistic client-centered approach to recovery, as we believe abstaining from using is only the beginning of the recovery process. We offer a relaxed, friendly and respectful environment for recovery. We believe in empowering clients by:

  • Showing respect for their ability to be responsible for their own wellbeing and encouraging confidence and independence
  • Using a strength based approach by supporting and reinforcing the development of each individual’s competencies, while safely providing opportunities for/and encouraging change, which is crucial to recovery
  • Providing and promoting a sense of structure for each individual as well as for the group

To support recovery, we focus on coping and life skills, risk management, conflict resolution, creating a healthy support network and understanding the role of mental health in recovery. Other topics include encouraging community engagement, problem solving, healthy recreation and leisure, effective decision making, addressing impulsivity and support for after care such as housing and returning to work. Our group and one to one work are designed to allow each individual to get to know and understand themselves and their addictions better.

Our mandatory groups include: Accountability, humility, commitment, developing support networks, losing the addict identity, dealing with shame and guilt, relapse prevention, goal setting, acceptance, accepting and dealing with change, emotional self-regulation and understanding depression and anxiety.

Our optional groups include: spell out anything with initials SMART, First Nations Talking Circle, Boot Camp (cardio exercise), acupuncture, massage, yoga, mindfulness and Narcotics Anonymous.

We accept persons with prescriptions for methadose, metadol-D, suboxone, kadian, SSRI’s and anti-psychotics.

We cannot accept persons using: Injectable Hydromorphone, Benzodiazepines, Sessamat, Nabilone, Zopiclone, Dilaudid, Codeine based pain relievers.

In order to concentrate on their recovery, while in the program, residents are not permitted to work.