Emerge ARP FAQ’s

  • How do I become a resident at Emerge?

You will need a referral to be admitted to Emerge. This can be done from anywhere. For instance at detox, with your doctor, with a social worker, a counsellor, etc… Your referral agent should call either: Rhiannon or Andrew at the Central Addictions Intake Team (CAIT) at 604-675-2455 ext.22563, or call John, the manager at Emerge at 604-639-8237. You will need to check in with CAIT once a week prior to coming in to Emerge.

  • How much does Emerge cost? How do I pay?

The fee is $45/day ($1350/month for a 30 day month). This is the same whether you are on income assistance, disability, unemployment insurance, private insurance, pension or self-paying. If you cannot financially afford the program rate, you can always apply for the Accommodation Fee Subsidy through Vancouver Coastal Health. To ask about this, please call Rhiannon or Andrew at the Central Addictions Intake Team at 604-675-2455 ext.22563.

  • Who can be admitted to Emerge?

Emerge is for individuals who identify as male only (this includes transgender), 19 years and older. We are a fully inclusive program and welcome all cultures, religions, sexual orientations, etc….

  • How is Emerge dealing with Covid? Is it safe to go there?

We are in full compliance with all Covid 19 safety protocols as set out by Vancouver Coastal Health and these are enforced. We immediately enact any and all updates from VCH or the MHO. Resident safety is our priority.

  • Can indigenous and First Nations peoples attend Emerge?

Yes. Emerge welcomes persons from all backgrounds, and cultures. We do our best to support everyone, and we are sensitive to the individual and unique needs of our residents.

  • Would I get my own room or would I have to share a room?

We normally have 2 shared rooms, but during Covid to ensure safety, we have lowered our occupancy, and everyone gets their own room. Our rooms are very large and comfortable.  

  • I want recovery, but I also need help with things like housing and ID, would Emerge help me with these things?

Yes. Emerge takes a holistic/multi-faceted approach to recovery, and we understand that not using substances is only one part of addiction recovery. Working together with each resident, Emerge’s caseworkers create a unique service plan including Goals such as housing, ID or a return to work.

  • I am on certain medications, can I stay on them? Which medications are accepted or not accepted at Emerge?

Most medications are accepted at Emerge, and are assessed on a case by case basis. Emerge is fully accepting of OAT’s, naltrexone,  anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers, heart medications, etc… Emerge accepts all sleeping medications. Emerge does not accept: someone on IV medications (pic line/intubated), injectable hydromorphone, benzodiazepines (although exceptions are possible), sessamat, nabilone, and any codeine based pain relievers (i.e. T3’s). We do accept naproxen.

  • Can I smoke while at Emerge?

There is absolutely no smoking tolerated in the building at any time, however, Emerge has a very nice, comfortable patio which the residents can smoke on.

  • What can I expect at Emerge?

Emerge’s programming is geared towards individuals who want support in addiction recovery, but who are incapable of, or uninterested in an overly intense program. We are not AA, we take a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach to addiction recovery. You can expect:

  • one to one and group support
  • plenty of optional programming
  • to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion
  • a nice large comfortable single room with your own sink and toilet.
  • a balanced diet.
  • a holistic approach to recovery in a safe, inclusive, non-aggressive, client-centered setting.